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Technology Team Research Scientist

Job Description


  • Research Scientist

Job Description:

  • Assess the practicality and relevance of modern technologies such as machine learning, big data analytics, generative AI, multi-agent systems, and quantum computing in insurance and risk consulting.

  • Work with diverse teams to pinpoint challenges in the industry and devise innovative solutions using these technologies.

  • Examine intricate data sets to offer insights that aid in the strategic decision-making of insurance sector clients.

  • Create and execute pilot projects to illustrate the effectiveness and real-world application of these technologies.

  • Keep abreast of the latest technological developments, especially in the insurance field, and advise on how they might influence our services.

  • Aid in business growth by engaging in client meetings, presentations, and proposals, highlighting the advantages and functionality of our technological offerings.

Required Skill:

  • Skilled in various modelling methods such as active learning, transfer learning, agent-based modelling, optimization, Bayesian inference, entity extraction/resolution, and spatio-temporal modelling.

  • Proficient in developing models from fundamental principles and selecting modelling techniques without bias.

  • Experienced in multiple stages of model development, including requirements analysis, task formulation, implementation, validation, and deployment.

  • Capable of conducting research, creating conceptual models, prototyping, and mentoring others in these processes.

  • Adept at explaining complex modeling concepts to diverse audiences, both technical and non-technical.

  • Experienced in taking on a technical leadership role in project settings.

  • Holds a strong undergraduate degree in a STEM field with a significant focus on mathematics; possessing a PhD is beneficial but not mandatory.

  • Proficient in Python programming.

  • Experienced in managing large datasets, appropriate software techniques, and understanding hardware needs.

  • Familiar with the software development lifecycle and Agile methodologies.

  • Knowledgeable in other programming languages like Java, JavaScript/TypeScript.

  • Skilled in communicating complex ideas effectively to various audiences, tailoring the depth of information as needed.


  • Hybrid(Oxford)


  • Ken Onuma, Chief Technology Officer

  • Send us your resume/CV and cover letter to here 

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